First N.E.W. Koinonia Spiritual Director

Following his retirement in 1995, Father J. P. Slowey could have been content to putter in his garden, work on his wood working projects or simply devote more of his time watching the Packers.  Instead, at age 73, Fr. Slowey continued to help out wherever he was needed.

Thankful for good health which allowed him to stay active and readily available to people, Fr. Slowey continued ministering to all ages in both TEC and Koinonia Retreats.

Fr. Slowey worked for several years with a small group of interested individuals, focusing on the development of N.E.W. Koinonia which was formally founded in 1999.  Father Slowey was actively dedicated to the ongoing growth and development of Koinonia and served as Spiritual Director until his death in October, 2006.  Fr. Slowey’s last retreat was # 22 in Hurley in September, 2006 just a short time prior to his death.

The Koinonia family will be forever grateful for the spiritual guidance and love that Fr. Slowey gave so tirelessly.  We honor his dedication and carry his spirit with us at each Koinonia Retreat.

Excerpts and photo from The Catholic Herald, article written by Bishop Raphael M. Fliss .