Koinonia Retreat

The Koinonia weekend begins 4:30pm Friday at the host parish and concludes at approximately 4pm on Sunday, following the final Liturgy.  Each day builds on the central theme of the Paschal Mystery.The Friday evening presentation focuses on the death of Jesus on the cross.  The theme for Saturday centers on the resurrection of Jesus.  Pentecost is the focus for Sunday as the team and retreat candidates prepare to go forth into their everyday lives and share the good news.
Throughout the weekend as team and candidates reflect on the very heart of our faith, the Paschal Mystery, a bond is formed…a community…a Koinonia.

Unlike T.E.C., participants are not confined to the retreat location for the evening.  If housing accommodations are required, retreat participants will be provided with a list of local hotels/motels close to the parish site.  Accommodations of this nature will be at the expense of the participant.  Local hosts from the parish may also be willing to provide a place to stay in their homes.

Anyone wishing to enrich his or her spiritual life, gain valuable faith experience and to share in community building is encouraged to participate in a Koinonia retreat.  Time spent with our Lord in a community of fellow Catholic Christians is a great gift to give yourself.  Your time will be well spent!


Candidate Application (PDF)