N.E.W. Koinonia

Diocese of Superior 

Calling Adults To Celebrate the Paschal Mystery in Community

Koinonia History


The Koinonia Retreat movement began in 1976 at Springfield, Illinois.  Members of the first meeting were looking to provide adults with an experience similar to that which T.E.C. (Teens Encounter Christ) provided.  Thus, Koinonia was designed with a two-fold purpose:


♦      To provide adult Catholics with an opportunity to experience Christian Community centered on the Paschal Mystery.   Each participant is encouraged to take part in that Christian fellowship and sharing which St. Paul describes in his epistles with the Greek word - Koinonia.    

 ♦    To provide a depth of faith-sharing support that allows and challenges inner renewal for each participant at his or her own level.  In 1999 N.E.W. (North Eastern Wisconsin) Koinonia was formed to bring this retreat opportunity to the northeastern part of our Diocese.  A core committee composed of laypersons and clergy oversee this Diocesan approved program.  The Bishop appoints a Spiritual Director to ensure that proper theology and spirituality are reflected in the program. 


 The Koinonia Retreat program continues to grow.  Overall, Koinonia has been held in 28 states, in Canada and in the Bahamas.  There have been more than 2,000 weekends and over 35,000 participants.  Retreats are hosted by parishes throughout our Diocese.  Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the spread of Koinonia continues as a self-sustaining organization.

N.E.W. Koinonia Retreat History 

Location                       Date

#1        Park Falls                     September, 1999

#2        Ashland                        February, 2000

#3        Hurley                          March, 2000

#4        Rhinelander                  October, 2000

#5        Phillips                          November, 2000

#6        Hurley                          January, 2001

#7        Spooner                       March, 2001

#8        Rhinelander                   August, 2001

#9        Park Falls                     November, 2001

#10      Glidden                        June, 2002

#11      Phillips                          November, 2002

#12      Woodruff                      February, 2003

#13      Park Falls                     November, 2003

#14      Ladysmith                     February, 2004

#15      Mercer                         April, 2004

#16      Hurley                          September, 2004

#17      Catawba                      November, 2004

#18      Medford                       February, 2005

#19      Dobie                           September, 2005

#20      Ladysmith                     November, 2005

#21      Park Falls                     March, 2006

#22      Hurley                          September, 2006

#23      Tomahawk                   November, 2006

#24      Webster                       March, 2007

#25      Superior                       September, 2007

#26      Ashland                        November, 2007

#27      Phillips                          February, 2008

#28      Barron                          November, 2008

#29      Medford                       March, 2009

#30      Woodruff                       November, 2009

#31      Mellen                          March, 2010

#32      Superior                       September, 2010

#33      Menomonie                   November, 2010

#34      Weyerhaeuser               March, 2011

#35      Hayward                       September, 2011

#36      Spooner                        November, 2011

#37      Merrill                           September, 2012

#38      Somerset                       November, 2012
#39      Rhinelander                   March, 2013
#40      Woodruff                      September, 2013
#41      Hudson                         November, 2013
#42      Medford                       March, 2014
#43      Edgar                            November, 2014
#44      Phillips                         April, 2015
#45      Park Falls                     October, 2015
#46      Tomahawk          April, 2016
#47      Ladysmith                  October, 2016
#48      Hayward                       March, 2017

Father J. P. Slowey

First N.E.W. Koinonia Spiritual Director


Following his retirement in 1995, Father J. P. Slowey could have been content to putter in his garden, work on his wood working projects or simply devote more of his time watching the Packers.  Instead, at age 73, Fr. Slowey continued to help out wherever he was needed.


Thankful for good health which allowed him to stay active and readily available to people, Fr. Slowey continued ministering to all ages in both TEC and Koinonia Retreats.


Fr. Slowey worked for several years with a small group of interested individuals, focusing on the development of N.E.W. Koinonia which was formally founded in 1999.  Father Slowey was actively dedicated to the ongoing growth and development of Koinonia and served as Spiritual Director until his death in October, 2006.  Fr. Slowey's last retreat was # 22 in Hurley in September, 2006 just a short time prior to his death.


The Koinonia family will be forever grateful for the spiritual guidance and love that Fr. Slowey gave so tirelessly.  We honor his dedication and carry his spirit with us at each Koinonia Retreat.


Excerpts and photo from The Catholic Herald, article written by Bishop Raphael M. Fliss .